Topical or Refresher Sessions

There are circumstances where the full birth course would not be relevant, or where you are looking for some specific support. I offer topical sessions which are tailor made for YOU.

Previous topical sessions for clients have included:

  • Preparing for an elective c-section (for first time parents and for parents having subsequent births).
  • Refresher sessions for parents who have previously done a hypnobirthing course.
  • Preparing for a subsequent birth after the mother experienced vaginal/perineal tears with a previous birth.

My clients have found these sessions extremely useful for working through any anxiety, having space to talk and learning essential relaxation techniques. For c-section sessions, we go through the process and what to expect, discuss caesarean birth plans and your choices, and talk about recovery.

For a refresher session/s, it’s helpful for me to know what type of course you did, and we can plan the refresher sessions from there.

Cost and duration of these sessions are dependent on your needs. Please contact me to discuss your situation. I keep all of my client information strictly confidential, and I hope it goes without saying that there is never any judgement from me: my philosophy is to support all expectant parents in their choices.

I know hypnobirthing can feel like a big investment, so why not read some testimonials for my courses?

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