Free Information Session

I run monthly free information sessions for expectant parents! It’s best to join this between 12 and 34 weeks pregnant  – the earlier the better!

‘What is labour, and how can hypnobirthing help?’
During this free information session, I’ll explain what labour is (what happens in the body), I’ll give you some tips on how to prepare for a positive birth, and I’ll talk about how hypnobirthing can make a huge difference. I’ll end the session with a lovely pregnancy relaxation (optional). Keep reading for more info…..

More details...

This is great for you if you’re between 14 and 34 weeks pregnant, and thinking about preparing for birth. It will let you find out a bit more about me, and how hypnobirthing can really help you during labour and birth (and being pregnant in a pandemic!).

It’ll be a relaxed session: I won’t be asking you to talk, but of course you can ask me any questions!

It’s ok if you’re feeling a little anxious or worried about birth, and it’s also ok if you’re already feeling pretty positive about it: my course can benefit all parents-to-be (including if you’re having a c-section or other planned interventions).

If you can’t make this date, contact me and we can organise an introductory chat 🙂

I hope I’ll be meeting you (virtually) soon!

Rebecca x

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