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Specialising in building your confidence for birth, breastfeeding and parenting.

Prepare for meeting your baby with 5* rated courses from a qualified antenatal and hypnobirthing teacher.

Hypnobirthing Huddersfield: in-person or online. 

About Us

Hypnobirthing Huddersfield Courses

I’m Rebecca, and I’m here to help you and your birth partner feel confident for birth and for meeting your baby.

I’ve had the privilege of working with over 100 families so far: first-time parents, already parents, some fearful of birth, some already feeling good about birth. I’ve worked with clients pregnant with rainbow babies, IVF babies, those labelled ‘high-risk’ and those seeking a healing birth after a previous traumatic experience.

I run hypnobirthing classes in Holmfirth, Huddersfield, or for private classes I can come to your home (within a 1 hour drive).

Are you ready to feel calm and confident about birth and meeting your baby?

Free online session

Find out more about labour and how hypnobirthing can help.

 These popular sessions run every month and are led by Rebecca, a qualified antenatal & hypnobirthing instructor. 

Our Services

Prepare for your baby with a group of other expectant parents. 5* rated hypnobirthing, breastfeeding & antenatal courses: online or in-person.

One-to-one birth & antenatal courses , online or in your home (location dependent). 

Support to move forward from a traumatic birth experience. 1:1 support online or in your home (location dependent).

Birth Confidence

Popular Birth Confidence Classes

This course of six classes will help you build your birth confidence, practice your relaxation techniques, and connect with your pregnancy. 

Relaxation in pregnancy is so beneficial to you and your baby. It can help:


What Our Clients Say

“The teaching you gave me when I was pregnant with Jonah was incredible, and lead me to have a really positive birthing experience. I was so relaxed I nearly didn’t make it to hospital in time for him to be born!”
Ellie D.
“Rebecca was great and flexible with her approach. We found her 1:1 support useful in preparation for my planned c-section. She tailored the sessions to our needs. She gave really useful tips and relaxation tools to practice which I found helped me stay as calm pre- and post-op.”
Pei-Theng A.
“I learned so much in just the first session. It’s really made me feel differently about birth, I think I’m looking forward to it now!”
Hira S.
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