Free Hypnobirthing Relaxation Track

Hypnobirthing teaches many relaxation techniques for labour and birth. These are simple yet powerful tools for managing whatever comes your way during birth. This free hypnobirthing track is designed to introduce you to pregnancy relaxation scripts.

Hypnobirthing scripts (relaxation audios) are one tool to help you with your preparations during pregnancy. Expectant parents who listen to the scripts regularly usually feel more relaxed during pregnancy and birth. The scripts not only help practice relaxation, but also introduce ideas to the subconscious mind to help you prepare for a confident, positive birth. 

All of my families receive access to a folder of wonderful hypnobirthing scripts, but I have one to share with you here – for free! Just submit below and you’ll receive a dropbox link to the track within 24 hours (keep an eye on your spam folder)!

Please only listen to it when you are relaxing – you should NOT listen to it when you need to be alert (such as driving). 


Rebecca x

P.S If you like the track, come and find out more about my birth preparation. 

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