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Here are some answers to my most frequently asked questions. If you have a question, but can’t find the answer here, please just get in touch.

In what locations/areas do you teach hypnobirthing and antenatal sessions?

I offer all my courses online.

In addition I teach in-person hypnobirthing classes in Leeds and in Holmfirth. This means I can cover most of West Yorkshire, some of North & South Yorkshire, and Saddleworth and Tameside.

For private classes, I can do these online or visit your home if you’re within 30 minutes drive of Leeds or Holmfirth (I’m split between these two places)!

What is the difference between hypnobirthing and an NCT course?

NCT run popular antenatal courses, which cover a variety of topics, one of which is birth. Hypnobirthing is a full birth preparation course that focuses on labour and birth. It provides much more information, more techniques and more practical information about labour and birth than other antenatal courses.

I did both an NCT course and a hypnobirthing course, and found both useful, but without hypnobirthing my birth would have been a very different story!

When is the best time to start a hypnobirthing course?

The ideal time to begin the course is between 20 and 30 weeks of pregnancy. This is because the course is usually taught over three or four separate sessions and you will need to practice the breathing techniques and the relaxations in addition to classes. The more time you have to practice the techniques and use the decision-making tools, the better.

However please don’t worry if you have passed this point in pregnancy; you can still benefit from a course!

What if I am already beyond 35 weeks pregnant?

Don’t worry: although starting earlier is preferable, it is rarely too late! Get in touch, as one-to-one classes can often be organised quickly (subject to availability), so they could be done before your estimated due date. I offer a condensed version of the course which can be done in a total of six hours (usually two sessions of three hours).

Women have had wonderful births using hypnobirthing days after they have completed the course!

What stage of pregnancy are your pregnancy relaxation classes for?

Basically any time after your first scan (usually 12-13 weeks)! Most women get most of them from 20 weeks plus, because this is when you are really starting to think about labour and birth!

Why is your course better than just reading a book about hypnobirthing?

Having a ‘live’ teacher, who can interact with you, personalise teaching for you, and teach using a variety of techniques is always going to be much more effective for your learning. The opportunity to ask questions and have discussions is extremely valuable. The human brain does not process and store information from just one medium (i.e. a book) as effectively as an animate teacher! In addition, I provide ongoing support to you, plus provide a workbook, MP3s, and a few other goodies!

I am not bashing books (I love them). Reading a hypnobirthing book is of course better than doing nothing!

Why should I do your course rather than just buy a prerecorded course online?

Having a ‘live’ teacher, who can interact with you, personalise teaching for you, and teach using a variety of techniques, is always going to be much more effective for your learning. The opportunity to ask questions and have discussions is extremely valuable. In addition, I provide ongoing support to you, plus provide a workbook, MP3s, and a few other goodies!

Does hypnobirthing guarantee a pain-free labour and birth?

Hypnobirthing is designed to allow you to experience a smoother, more comfortable birth; so although a pain-free birth is possible this is not the ultimate aim.

Some mums who have studied hypnobirthing during pregnancy say that they didn’t feel pain during labour and birth, simply power or pressure; therefore they didn’t require any pain relief. However hypnobirthing cannot guarantee the absence of pain during labour and birth, as many different factors affect this. 

 My partner is really sceptical about hypnobirthing, will it still work for us?

This is quite common! Many people are a bit wary of the ‘hypno’ part of hypnobirthing. Yes, this does relate to hypnosis, but no, it is not about somebody swinging a pendulum and having power over you. It refers to deep relaxation, and you are always in control. Nothing ‘out-there’ about it!

Hypnobirthing will be successful whether or not either of you are sceptical. My courses are rooted in evidence-based science. I will teach you about the physiology of birth, your choices, decision-making techniques, how to be a great birth partner, and loads and loads of useful, practical information. Understanding the course material and practicing the techniques is the important part. In addition it is very rare for a person to be sceptical after completing the course: usually at the end of the first class they can see what a wonderful, rational course it is and how it will positively impact on the birth of their child.

This is my second baby, will hypnobirthing be suitable for me?

Yes! Hypnobirthing is powerful whether this is your first or your fifth baby. Some women who have birthed previously may have been disappointed by their previous birth experiences. They may feel that the birth of their child was not calm or enjoyable. This can lead to fear for future births. Hypnobirthing helps you eliminate this fear so that you can plan for a positive birth.

Does hypnobirthing work for C-Sections?

Occasionally during pregnancy or labour, circumstances may arise that means there may be a choice between a vaginal birth and a caesarean section. Hypnobirthing teaches you the skills to make an informed decision, so you can decide what is right for you and your child.

Sometimes you will choose a caesarean in advance of labour, known as an elective c-section. I teach specific courses to prepare for a calm caesarean.

If you have a caesarean birth, hypnobirthing can allowing you to relax and feel calm in a situation that could otherwise be quite scary. All hypnobirthing classes explain briefly about c-sections, so although we don’t focus on this in the full birth courses, if you end up choosing this birth, you would know what to expect.

Does my partner need to attend?

Hypnobirthing classes provide valuable techniques for both you and your partner. Many birth partners have said that doing a hypnobirthing course made them feel useful, and know how best to support their partner. Classes allow both you and your partner to feel prepared and positive about the birth of your child, therefore it is very important that they attend.

However if it is not possible for them to attend please get in touch for a chat as we may be able to work around this.

If you don’t have a birth partner, or are planning to birth without your partner present that is absolutely fine: women have had great births without a partner present.

What is included in the cost of the course?

– Between 8-10 hours of fun and friendly tuition (six hours for condensed private course).
– A fantastic course workbook (from the Love Your Birth training school) and hypnobirthing MP3s.
– A goody bag.
– Access to a closed Facebook community.
– Ongoing support from me via email, text or phone.

What if I really want to do a group hypnobirthing course but I can’t afford the cost?

Get in touch – completely confidentially and without judgement. I understand there can be times when life is really financially challenging. If I have availability then we can try and sort something that works for you.

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