Elective C-Section

If you’re planning an elective caesarean birth, this course will help you let go of any fears, accept your choices, and learn tools to make your birth as relaxing and positive as possible. You’ll finish the course knowing what to expect, feeling more relaxed and more confident about your birth.

£175 – four hours, plus workbook, relaxation audios, gift bag and support from me.

Hypnobirthing is powerful for any birth, and a caesarean is no different. Being relaxed during pregnancy and the birth is so beneficial to you and baby, and helps to make the birth a positive experience for you.

The elective caesarean course is offered over two sessions of around two hours each. This is a one-to-one course, and can be done online or I can visit your home if you live fairly locally to Leeds/Huddersfield/Holmfirth.

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