Born Before Arrival – A Homebirth

I was so privileged to teach Sam and Andy as they prepared for their second baby. This time they wanted a homebirth – read their fantastic story! ‘I woke at 8 with very mild surges that I actually presumed were braxton hicks as they had no pattern and didn’t increase in intensity. We went aboutContinue reading “Born Before Arrival – A Homebirth”

An Unassisted Homebirth During A Global Pandemic

“Having had an extremely positive first labour, as the time neared for my second I was so calm and excited about the experience — which if you have read my first birth story, you will know that first time round I started off feeling absolutely terrified of the prospect of labour! This time I decidedContinue reading “An Unassisted Homebirth During A Global Pandemic”

Positive Caesarean Birth – Sarah’s Story

Like many, my birth ‘plan’ was to have spontaneous labour, a water birth and to nail it using just breathing and gas/air. Mister man had different ideas though and was frank breech from 33w. We researched anything that may help to turn him, and began with holistic methods – we did moxibustion most nights, alongContinue reading “Positive Caesarean Birth – Sarah’s Story”

Baby Bonnie – Dealing With A Change in Plan!

I woke up early Monday morning around 2:30am thinking my waters had broken – I had a little trickle. I then started with mild period cramps. When Gary’s alarm went off for work, I told him I had a feeling she’s coming today! I spent the morning bouncing on my birth ball and contacted theContinue reading “Baby Bonnie – Dealing With A Change in Plan!”