Breastfeeding Support

I offer 1:1 breastfeeding support in Huddersfield, Leeds and Holmfirth. 

Visits are in your home, where you can relax. A standard visit is £50 (location dependent).

This can be to support you with challenges or problems, to build your confidence, or to talk about parenting a newborn – including sleep! 

A smiling couple cradling their newborn baby.
Sam & Andy holding their lovely baby girl shortly after birth.

Breastfeeding support

After all this waiting… you have your baby! 

There are always going to be those lucky few who have a smooth adjustment to parenthood, but for most of us, we need some additional support in those first days, weeks or months.

Breastfeeding is a skill to be learned by you and your baby. Most people experience challenges on their feeding journey. Midwives and health visitors don’t always have the time (or training) to give you the support you need. 

You may be exhausted, not sure whether you’re doing the ‘right thing’, uncertain about feeding or perhaps experiencing pain or difficulty. 

I am a trained and experienced breastfeeding and postnatal practitioner.  When visiting you, I come without judgement, to listen and work with you (and your partner) towards your feeding and parenting goals (whatever they may be). 

I am also the Chair and co-organiser of Holmfirth Breastfeeding Support Group. If you’re in the Holme Valley or Huddersfield area, come and meet us! 


Book Your Breastfeeding Support Visit

I can visit you for a 1:1 breastfeeding support visit if you’re in Leeds, Huddersfield or Holmfirth areas. 

A standard visit costs £50 (dependent on location) and lasts up to two hours. More than one visit can be booked if you feel you would benefit. 

To enquire about booking a visit, please click here to contact me. 

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