Positive Birth Stories

Read about how my hypnobirthing courses helped these couples have a positive birth. This page is always a work in progress and I’ll add more stories when I can (and when I receive them).

Reading positive birth stories is great preparation for your own birth. Maybe one day soon other people will be inspired by your own positive birth story!

An Unassisted Homebirth During A Global Pandemic

“Having had an extremely positive first labour, as the time neared for my second I was so calm and excited about the experience — which if you have read my first birth story, you will know that first time round I started off feeling absolutely terrified of the prospect of labour! This time I decidedContinue reading “An Unassisted Homebirth During A Global Pandemic”

Baby Number 3!

“At 3am on Tuesday morning, I woke up to a trickle of water running down my leg. I instantly knew my waters had gone. Once I stood up there was a bigger loss of waters. Even though this was baby number 3, never had my waters gone before I was in active labour, so thisContinue reading “Baby Number 3!”

Positive Caesarean Birth – Sarah’s Story

Like many, my birth ‘plan’ was to have spontaneous labour, a water birth and to nail it using just breathing and gas/air. Mister man had different ideas though and was frank breech from 33w. We researched anything that may help to turn him, and began with holistic methods – we did moxibustion most nights, alongContinue reading “Positive Caesarean Birth – Sarah’s Story”

The birth of Grayson – Birth Centre

“Having had a difficult pregnancy due to severe sickness and some complications we attended a hypnobirthing course mainly because we wanted to make the remainder of the pregnancy and going into labour as positive as possible as opposed to being fearful. We were also keen for my partner Alex to have an active role inContinue reading “The birth of Grayson – Birth Centre”

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