Positive Birth Stories old

Read about how my hypnobirthing courses helped these couples have a positive birth. This page is always a work in progress and I’ll add more stories when I can (and when I receive them).

Reading positive birth stories is great preparation for your own birth. Maybe one day soon other people will be inspired by your own positive birth story!

Natural Headache Remedies For Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

A guest blog featuring the wonderful Liberty Mills. Liberty is a Fertility Fitness Nutrition Coach and Postnatal Doula, mother of two and grandmother of one. She has written on Integrative Health and Female Wellbeing for Magazines such as Natural Health, Platinum and Frank and published News Week and the Daily Express. Pregnancy and the fourth …

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Why Giving Birth In Hospital Is More Likely To Lead To Intervention

Statistics show that a birthing person is more likely to have medical intervention birthing in a hospital than at a birth centre or at home. Now this is likely to be for many reasons – higher-risk pregnancies for example – but there’s one that’s really worth thinking about… Do you know the difference between a …

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Super Speedy Water Birth

“If you’d have asked me five years ago if I was going to have children I probably would have said no. Granted not the main reason, but one very real reason for not having children was my complete and utter fear of giving birth. When I thought of labour, I thought of irreparable damage and …

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Baby Number 3!

“At 3am on Tuesday morning, I woke up to a trickle of water running down my leg. I instantly knew my waters had gone. Once I stood up there was a bigger loss of waters. Even though this was baby number 3, never had my waters gone before I was in active labour, so this …

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Lucie’s Empowered Birth

I had started with little surges that came on and off throughout Monday and Tuesday but that was all and they didn’t progress to anything but that. I went to bed Tuesday night early (my body must have known to have an early night)…. My little boy woke at 11.30pm and would normally settle with …

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The Hypnobirth of Henry

On Monday 21st November at about 8am, I woke up to a bit of water tricking down my legs. I rang the birth centre who said just keep an eye on it and ring us back if you lose anymore – I didn’t. I went about my daily chores and we did the supermarket shopping …

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Sophie’s Birth Story

A few days before the big day, I had awoken to some quite strong surges. I started timing them but once I got up and sorted my toddler out, they fizzled out. On the Wednesday before she was born, the same thing happened again: woke at 4am to contractions and thought that this could be …

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