Birth Confidence Classes

Weekly birth confidence classes, Wednesdays 8-9pm.

Birth Confidence

These classes will boost your confidence, help you prepare for birth, and relax and connect with your pregnancy.

Get your PJs on, get into bed or get curled on the sofa. We’ll practice a hypnobirthing breathing technique, I’ll talk about a topic to help you feel more informed and prepared, and we’ll do some relaxation specifically for pregnancy.

The classes are pay-as-you-go, £5 (which includes transaction fees), or you can book a course of 6 classes for £25. Content will rotate every six weeks. Suitable from your first scan right up until you give birth (never too early to start feeling positive about birth). For more info, scroll down!

Book below (secure booking with Ticket Tailor):

You won’t have to talk if you don’t want to, and you can turn your camera off for the guided relaxation.

In each class, we do calm breathing useful for labour and a relaxing body scan. Then I talk briefly on a topic to help you prepare for birth, and finish with a lovely long guided relaxation, tailored specifically for pregnant women. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already done hypnobirthing or not – these classes will benefit you either way! At the end of the class you’ll feel relaxed, positive about birth and a little more prepared for labour!

Benefits of Relaxing in Pregnancy

Although these classes are not a substitute for a hypnobirthing course, at each class I will talk briefly about a topic relevant to birth. I’ll give information and useful tips to get you thinking about how you can prepare for the birth of your baby.

Hope you can join me (booking above)!

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