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Hello! I’m Rebecca. I’m a qualified hypnobirthing teacher based in Leeds and Holmfirth, with my partner and my daughter, who’s four.

I’d love to teach you all the knowledge and techniques that gave me such a positive birth, even when it was the complete opposite to the birth I had planned!

I absolutely love teaching expectant parents about birth. It’s so wonderful when they finish the classes feeling excited for birth. I’d love you to feel like this too!

Photos of the hypnobirthing teacher Rebecca and her daughter

Why did I become a hypnobirthing teacher?

I myself would not have had such a positive birth experience without hypnobirthing, and the knowledge and tools it gave me. After planning a natural homebirth with my daughter, I opted for induction just after 42 weeks. After five days of a tiring induction process and labour, and then becoming a bit poorly, I ended up with an emergency caesarean birth. Would you believe it – I still found it all a very positive experience thanks to hypnobirthing!

I have also had the privilege of being birth partner to my wonderful friends who had a fantastic, calm, natural home water-birth supported by hypnobirthing techniques. Most of the photos on this website were taken during that wonderful birth (see slideshow below).

A photo of a pregnancy bump

These two very different experiences are what made me want to train as a hypnobirthing teacher. Prior to this, I’d taken a break from work to be with my family. My previous roles were in Higher Education and Rolls Royce. Quite a career change there, isn’t it? But supporting parents to birth their babies is absolutely my passion.

I trained with the Love Your Birth training school. I have also completed training with Birth Awareness in the 3 Step Rewind process for birth trauma, so am delighted to be able to offer this to help healing from a traumatic birth. I’ve also trained in postnatal planning and trauma-informed hypnobirthing. I will always continue to further my learning by reading articles, joining workshops, and keeping up to date with maternity information.

I also teach Baby Sing and Sign in Leeds. So something for when baby arrives!

Me as birth partner. Photos by Lee Fretter photography.

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