Here’s The Key To A Positive Birth…

Here’s the key to a positive birth experience…

First ask yourself ‘what is a positive birth?’ If you drew a picture of it, what would it look like? Is it calm, serene, fairly quick; maybe in water?

There is a real misconception out there about ‘positive birth’, especially when it comes to hypnobirthing.

Yes, hypnobirthing can stack the odds in your favour of having the birth experience you would like. This is because it teaches expectant parents about birth, your choices, your body, how to influence your birth and techniques for managing the sensations of birth.

Does that mean everyone who does hypnobirthing has a straightforward, unmedicated birth? No, of course not. We can influence birth, absolutely, but we cannot control it.


Think about this one…

I wonder what seems more ‘positive’ to you?


– A birth that was fairly swift, in water and went smoothly, yet the mother felt very anxious and out of control during the experience.

– A birth that went completely off plan, but the mother understood her choices, felt confident asking questions and felt mentally calm.


It’s also interesting, isn’t it, that two different people could have a very similar birth, but each could feel very differently about it. We can physically experience a similar thing, but mentally feel very differently about it. And our mental state during birth – whether our subconscious mind feels safe – is absolutely key to our birth experience.


So here’s how hypnobirthing helps…

What is absolutely essential when it comes to birth preparation, is for you and your birth partner to be more informed. Yes, about birth itself; but also informed about your rights, your options and how the maternity system commonly operates.

Feeling heard, being a part of any discussions and making your own decisions are all key to having a more ‘positive’ birth experience.


I’d love you to join a course with me. I am here to support you as you prepare for giving birth (no matter what your birth plans may be). I have so much to share with you and your birth partner to help you feel confident, informed and ready for meeting your baby!

Please know that I welcome you onto my course, whether you have a ‘high-risk’ pregnancy, whether you’re birthing at home, birth centre or hospital, and even if you’re absolutely cr*pping yourself at the thought of birthing your baby!


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Can’t wait to work with you!


Rebecca x

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