The weirdest things I’ve heard about hypnobirthing…

Sometimes I really wish it wasn’t called ‘hypnobirthing’.


So many people raise their eyebrows when I tell them I teach hypnobirthing. Yet when I say I’m an antenatal teacher, that doesn’t get the same reaction.


What hypnobirthing actually is, is full birth preparation: learning what birth’s all about and how to make it the most positive experience possible. That’s not really known in the mainstream yet. Here are some (inaccurate) things I’ve been told about hypnobirthing…


(By a birth partner) – ‘We can’t have a 1:1 session at our house because we don’t have room for all the rolling around.’


I’m not really sure what he was expecting here, but we don’t roll around in a hypnobirthing course!


‘That hippy dippy stuff isn’t for me’.


It’s the ‘hypno’ bit that makes people think it’s a bit out-there, isn’t it?  It’s really not! It’s science, physiology, psychology and it’s all backed up by evidence. There is NOTHING I teach that is ‘weird’. I mean, we can make it as hippy as you like, but that’s not a requirement.


‘I don’t want a homebirth so it’s not relevant for me’.


Speaking from personal experience, hypnobirthing is for ALL births. I love a homebirth, yes, but I’ve supported families with hospital births, birth centre births, inductions and caesareans. Hypnobirthing is all about being informed, prepared and understanding how to make your birth the most positive experience possible.


‘I’m not into meditation and all that stuff’.


Yeah, that’s ok! Lots of people aren’t. It does teach techniques to help you through the sensations of birth, but they’re not ‘meditation’. Hypnobirthing’s also so, so much more than this as well.


‘I’m high-risk so there’s no point doing hypnobirthing’.


Oh my goodness – NO! For anyone thinking this, hypnobirthing will help your pregnancy and birth experience. It will help you feel a little more in control, and fully understand your options. Hypnobirthing will also help you feel more relaxed during your pregnancy and feel more ready for whatever comes your way during birth. I’d say about 40% of my families have been ‘high-risk’ pregnancies.

See? Nothing weird about hypnobirthing here…!


Have you thought any of these? Have you heard any other weird or inaccurate things said about hypnobirthing? I’d love to know….


Rebecca x

P.S Some of my upcoming group courses are sold out. I just released some more dates for the summer: perfect for if you’re due late summer or autumn. I have very limited 1:1 availability over the summer.

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