Born Before Arrival – A Homebirth

I was so privileged to teach Sam and Andy as they prepared for their second baby. This time they wanted a homebirth – read their fantastic story!

A man and woman cuddling their newborn baby, born at home.
Sam, Andy and Baby Tilly

‘I woke at 8 with very mild surges that I actually presumed were braxton hicks as they had no pattern and didn’t increase in intensity. We went about the day as usual, but I struggled to bath and put my 2 year old to bed because the surges – still at irregular intervals – were quite strong and now required me to focus on breathing. Once Charlie was in bed, I set up in the living room; sat on my birth ball, got out my positive birth board filled with photos that make me happy, positive affirmations, put the fairy lights on and watched ‘Would I Lie To You’ to keep me smiling.

I began timing the surges around 8 and they were approximately 6 minutes apart, lasting 45 seconds . I started to believe that this was the start of labour and used lavender and calm breathing to work through the surges that were growing in intensity but not getting any closer together. At 10:30 I decided to move position from my birth hall and go for a walk around the house.

Instantly the surges came faster, 3 minutes apart and I was having to give my breathing my 100% focus. I buried my head in my husbands chest & repeated my favourite affirmations – ‘birth is safe, I am safe’, ‘my surges cannot be stronger than me, they are me’.

At 10:45 I asked Andy to ring the midwife, then my mum to look after our 2 year old and fill the birth pool that was already inflated in the dining room. He spoke to the midwife at 10:55 and she said she’d be 30 minutes. Mum was on her way and the pool was being filled.

At this point I think I quickly transitioned to the down stage and changed my breathing accordingly . Each time a surge came (and by this point I have no idea how quickly they were coming but they felt minutes apart) I tried so hard to breathe in and out , short & sharp to maintain calm & control. I was leaning on the couch when I felt my body bear down and I released very strange, instinctive groaning sounds. Andy rushed in to hold me when I knew that baby’s head was out. I told him to help me take off my leggings and sure enough at 11:05 Tilly’s head was out!

Andy caught her body with the next surge , wrapped her in towels and passed her to me. We sat on the couch in complete disbelief , shock and elation. I enjoyed skin to skin for the 30 minutes it took the midwife to arrive. I birthed the placenta naturally as the midwife arrived. The midwife was so complimentary of our handling of the ‘birth before arrival’ and completed her checks confirming that Tilly was perfect 🙂

Within 90 minutes we were alone again, showered & ready for bed with tea & biscuits!

Although I didn’t get the water birth I’d planned I couldn’t have wished for a more beautiful experience. To give birth in my own home, remain calm & collected throughout & for my husband to deliver our baby is so precious. I’ll cry every time I think about it!

Hypnobirthing allowed me to progress through labour not really realising I was in labour! I remained calm, positive and confident throughout the entire birth . I think that hypnobirthing also really kept us both grounded in a situation that could’ve proven stressful had we not been so well informed about birth from Rebecca’s course.’

Congratulations Sam and Andy on how you calmly birthed baby Tilly completely by yourselves at home!

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