Lucie’s Empowered Birth

I had started with little surges that came on and off throughout Monday and Tuesday but that was all and they didn’t progress to anything but that.

I went to bed Tuesday night early (my body must have known to have an early night)…. My little boy woke at 11.30pm and would normally settle with my husband laying with him until he dozed back off, but he kept saying ‘see mummy’ so he came to lay in our bed. Within 20mins he was back fast asleep and at midnight I asked my husband to go put him back in his bed. I got up for the loo and as I walked back to bed I got a surge. That little check in from my little boy must have pumped that oxytocin as things really started to progress and I started to time them from 00.15am.

They were lasting 45secs and coming every 3 minutes, some lasting 50secs+. I woke my husband and said I think he best get the pool set up downstairs and get things ready.
By 01.05am I rang my mum to come round and be there incase our little boy woke up. She arrived and I was on all fours at the bottom of our steps waiting for the pool to fill. The surges were getting very strong now: my husband rang the homebirth team who sent a midwife out straight away. She arrived within 30mins. I started to feel some pressure as my surges became more powerful and had to get in to the pool as it was filling up!
Wow, the relief of that warm water over your body is unbelievable!! As soon as I got in to the water my surges changed and I knew I was going through the transition phase.
The midwife arrived at 02.15 and she rang for the second midwife to come straight away.

Rebecca had recorded me a ‘calm breathing’ mp3 which I found so amazing when my surges first started. It really helped me relax and concentrate on my breathing. I then switched to my affirmations mp3. The breathing techniques really helped through the transition phase with my husband having to remind me of these at times.

I really controlled and concentrated on my breathing through the crowning and birthing my baby. I was super proud how well I did at this and even my husband gave me very much needed support and recognition of this.
Our baby was born in the birth pool at 3.50am in our own home and I caught him myself!!! We didn’t know the sex of our baby and when I caught him, I must of caught him in such a way that his ‘man bits’ were between my fingers so before even looking at him I knew he was a boy!! It was so funny but such a lovely moment when I shouted ‘omg I think its a boy!!!’ before I even lifted him out of the water.
Milo Beau Walsworth was born at 3.50am on the 17th March 2021.

My little boy slept through the whole thing and woke up at 5am and came downstairs to meet his baby brother. It was such a special moment, a moment we will never ever forget.

Thank you so much Rebecca for all the lovely pregnancy relaxation classes, for the support you’ve given me throughout my pregnancy – when I didn’t know what birth I would even end up having. But I did it!!!!…. I stood my ground and I got the most perfect homebirth I could of ever dreamed of.

Lucie W.

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